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Venturous Truck Tops

Venturous Truck Tops

The all-new Venturous truck top features the newest and latest in truck top manufacturing technology. Manufactured using PolyFuse, the Venturous tops are 38% lighter and triple the strength of the traditionally manufactured top. This new technology is a patent pending injection molded process that produces tops that are lighter in weight, have a higher quality finish, and a much higher weigh capacity. With higher weigh capacities you can handle more gear on top roof racks or mount straight to the side of the top without worry of de-lamination. Perfect for roof top tents or platform racks. Standard tinted glass and a custom fit rear door skirt for a clean finished look. These new Venturous tops are only available for select models, with more molds being released frequently. Stop by our showroom to see what this new injection molded top is all about. 

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