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Alu-Cab Fully Kitted Kitchen

Alu-Cab Fully Kitted Kitchen

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This kit includes all the essentials including cookware, utensils, cutting board, and a spice rack. One kettle and potholder with stainless steel kettle. One kettle and potholder with enamel pot and four breakfast bowls stored inside the pot. Two mud holders with two stainless steel mugs each. One pan holder with a non-stick pan. One drinking glass holder with four stainless steel tumblers. One cutting board and platter holder with four platters. One knife holder with a chef's knife and a bread knife. One knife holder with a spatula. One small Tupperware holder with three containers. One spice holder. Does not come with any spices. One Cutlery roll with four butter knives, forks, tablespoons, and teaspoons. Fold out table with a bamboo cutting board and a stainless-steel food prep surface.
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